Types of Joints

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Types of Joints by Mind Map: Types of Joints

1. Amphirathroses

2. Synarthroses

3. Freely movable joints:

3.1. Diathroses

4. Slightly movable joints:

5. Immovable joints:

6. Fibrous Joints-Bones united by Fibrous tissue

6.1. Structure of the Skull

6.1.1. Advantages: Helps keep the skull put together and tough.                                                         Disadvantages: Doesn't allow much movement, Making breaking easier.

7. Cartilaginous Joints- Bone ends are connected by cartilage

7.1. The pelvis includes slightly movable cartilaginous joints.

7.1.1. Advantages: Allows for slight movement in joints.                                                            Disadvantages: arthritis

8. Synovial Joints- Bone ends are connected by a joint cavity filled with synovial fluid

8.1. Hip Joints, Elbow, wrist, ball and socket joints

8.1.1. Advantages: Full movement of joints.                Disadvantages: Dislocation, Arthritis