The Book Thief Characters

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The Book Thief Characters by Mind Map: The Book Thief Characters

1. Hans H

1.1. Liesel's foster father

1.1.1. plays accordian dies

2. Rosa H

2.1. Liesel's foster mother

3. Liesel M

3.1. Main character

3.1.1. The book theif

3.1.2. Her brother died Which started the theivery

4. Otto S

4.1. delivers goods to the church every friday

4.2. fell off bike because of rudy and liesel

5. Alex S

5.1. ludwigs older brother

6. Rudy S

6.1. Liesel's BFF

6.2. Once ran as Jesse Owens

7. Arthur Berg

7.1. The first leader of the fruit stealing gang that Liesel and Rudy join

8. Frau D

8.1. pro-Nazi shopkeeper who refuses service to anyone who does not salute and say "Heil Hitler" upon entering her corner store.

9. Ilsa H

9.1. Ilsa and her husband take Liesel into their home after Hans and Rosa are killed.

9.2. the mayors wife

9.3. has her own library

10. Johann H

10.1. the hermanns son who froze to death

10.2. library was his

11. Heinz H

11.1. The mayor

11.2. husband of ilsa

12. Walter K

12.1. Maxs bff

12.2. they were fighting buddies

12.3. helped max against being captured

13. Erik V

13.1. Father of Max the jew

13.2. died when max was born

13.3. Gave Hans the accordion

14. Werner M

14.1. Liesels brother

14.2. Died on train

15. Trudy H

15.1. she is the daughter of Hans and Rosa

16. Barbara

16.1. Rudys mother

17. Junior H

17.1. Hans' son

17.2. good luck in war

18. Max V

18.1. The Jewish Fist Fighter/the struggler

18.2. left the basement 3/4 the way through the book

19. The Fuhrer

19.1. hitler

19.2. evil man

19.2.1. hates jews

20. Pfifficus

20.1. the whistler

20.1.1. hates kids who mock his whistling

21. Death

21.1. Narrator

21.2. favorites liesel

22. Tommy M

22.1. has severe ear problems because he got lost in the snow for a long period of time as a child

23. Frans D

23.1. Rudys hitler youth leader

23.2. Hes a bully

24. Viktor Chemmel

24.1. New gang leader of the stealers

25. Andy S

25.1. Ludwig's older brother

26. frau olendrich

26.1. Frau Olendrich is Liesel and Rudy's teacher.

27. Mrs. jenson

27.1. Uses the same bomb shelter as liesel and her family

28. Mr. Herbert Jenson

28.1. Uses the same bomb shelter as liesel and her family.

29. Anna-Marie S

29.1. Rudys sibling

29.2. died on himmel st

30. Karin S

30.1. Rudys sibling

30.2. died on himmel st

31. Kurt S

31.1. died on himmel st

31.2. rudys sibing

32. Bettina S

32.1. Rudys sibling

32.2. died on himmel st

33. Emma S

33.1. Rudys sibling

33.2. died on himmel st

34. Rolf Schultz

34.1. young man who died in the bomb shelter

35. Herr Feilder

35.1. The shelter was in his basement

36. Frau hallah

36.1. A lady on Himmel St. Who hid in the basement during the raid.

37. Reinhold Zucker

37.1. is another bully, a young man serving with Hans on the air raid clean-up crew. Zucker doesn't like Hans, because Hans beats him at cards.

38. Michael holtzapfel

38.1. who hangs himself at around six in the morning on July 27, 1943.

38.2. lost his finger in the war

39. Robert holtzapfel

39.1. Roberts legs "were blown off at the shins" on January 5, 1943.

40. Eddie Alma

40.1. in war with hans

40.2. yelled to get the body off of him

41. Helmut Brohmann

41.1. the driver of the truck which tire popped

42. Boris schipper

42.1. is an Air Raid Special Unit sergeant during World War I.

43. Herr Heckenstaller

43.1. is a supervising teacher who oversees the humiliating medical examination of Rudy

44. jugen schwartz

44.1. At the doctors office also when rudy was there

45. Olaf Spiegel

45.1. Also in the doctors office where they had to take there clothes off

46. Dieter Westheimer

46.1. Dieter Westheimer is the owner of a bar called the Knoller.

47. The Feilders

47.1. 6 houses down

47.2. Bomb shelter basement

48. Rudolf

48.1. Rudolf is another name for Rudy