Verb to have

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Verb to have by Mind Map: Verb to have

1. have + Past Participle (v.3)

1.1. has

1.1.1. That girl has brought me a basket of fruits.

1.1.2. Jane has been studying German for 5 years since she was 10.

1.1.3. It has been raining for 2 hours.

1.1.4. He hasn't done his work yet.

1.2. have

1.2.1. I haven't finished the final examination although it nearly runs out of time.

1.2.2. How long have you been in Thailand?

1.2.3. Have you ever gone to England?

1.2.4. They have just arrived in Roi Et.

1.3. had

1.3.1. The small furry kitten had been left behind the school, then an old woman had found and brought it home.

1.3.2. Warrick had been reading a book he loves.

1.3.3. The villagers had grown crops for 5 years to earn for living.

2. have "to" + infinitive verb

2.1. neccessity

2.1.1. This soup has to be stirred continuously to prevent burning.

2.1.2. She has to read books for the literature class.

2.1.3. She is so rich that she doesn't have to work.

2.2. obligation

2.2.1. They have to leave early.

2.2.2. You have to participate in the upcoming meeting.

2.2.3. Students have to wear a school uniform.

2.3. certainty

2.3.1. This answer has to be correct.

2.3.2. Nurses have to take care of patients closely.

3. Note: The negative form of "have to" is "do not have to" which suggests that somebody is not required to do something. ex. You don't have to eat that. (You can if you want to, but it's not necessary.)