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TWC 301 by Mind Map: TWC 301
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TWC 301


Rhetorical Knowledge

Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing


Knowledge of Conventions

Professional Goals

After course is completed, turn blog into socially active blog concerning Tulsa in particular and Oklahoma in general. Make impressive for future employers.

Utilize tools covered in the class to organize local information and issues

Use issue research to find potential internships in addition to Day Center work to further expand resume. Post relevant Day Center and internship/volunteer positions on blog, make relevant links available for potential employers

Keep in mind potential social projects that networking could benefit. Possibly involve neighborhood members or Ravelry forum in issues/causes. Potentially incorporate networking tools from class into these projects.

Virtual Cultures

Political Activism (early internet theories by Rheingold et al: Internet communities as a method for organizing political change.

Positive online community perceptions

Negative online community perceptions

Copywrong: What branches on the outcomes could be affected by copyright issues? Potentially all of them.


Critical Thinking