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Distributed Event Model by Mind Map: Distributed Event Model
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Distributed Event Model

What is an "event"?

Large number of small exhibits on a central theme

Exhibits may be subgrouped

Charity Clothes Sale -> Hats / Shoes / Frocks

Victorian History -> Political / Social / Technological

Usually time-limited

Is this because of the resources necessary?

What is the point of time limits, if there is no need to have them apart from if enough of the exhibits can't carry on?

"Critical mass" of exhibits needed to say that an event is open, Below this limit, it is effectively "closed", Exhibits can be moved/rehoused/restarted elsewhere, Allows for a "rolling event"

Can be publicised with a central entry point

This doesn't have to be a physical place

Could just be a list of sims, folder of landmarks, or device

Easy to move between exhibits and see what exhibits exist

Normally done by geographical location with traditional model

Simply move to other exhibits, Quick, Easy to see what exhibits exist, Easy to bypass uninteresting ones and move to something else, With increasing event size, the above becomes harder though.

Current problems

Events in one sim are laggy

Puts visitors off.

Sometimes, the whole thing just dies., Unpredictable

Requires lag-maintenance, Restricts what people can build

Require permissions and awkwardness

Impermanent - time available for is determined by sim owner/finances, rather than by individual.

All exacerbated by having contiguous sims

More cost

More lag (overlooking other sims)

Expensive or reliant on sponsors

Getting the money together for full sims, even rental, in a group is awkward


Exhibits are physically present in any location - not required to be in a particular location

Core concept

Independent database/list of exhibits and their locations

This is the core of the event, rather than the core being their physical presence in a parcel and the database being a description of that

Movement between exhibits

Must be done via landmarks/llMapDestination., Slightly awkward - but no more awkward than having to TP within a large event.

Descriptions etc can be added to the database to give people an idea of what the event is., Textual description, Tags, Images, Textures, Links to web images, Further information, Notecards, Links to web pages, All this can be delivered via a HUD or attachment or static item.

Mechanisms, Static item in exhibit, Allows movement between this and other exhibits, "Blogring badge", Next exhibit / random exhibit, What should the "next exhibit" be?, Next exhibit with tag X, Pick exhibit to visit from a list, Can be web-integrated, Registers and maintains exhibit with database, Current physical location, Maybe..., Records who visits and uploads this, Could be used to create "recommendations", Privacy implications of course, Should be opt-in, Calculates current av limit in that area, Informs people of what is popular, Informs people of potential lag issues, Allows visitor votes, Don't actually affect how likely you are to be visited directly, Can be used to calculate recommendations if you liked this one, Would solve privacy issues - votes are opt-in, explicitly public and no personal information is given away to others on this basis, General HUD or attachment, Basically similar to static item, Does not create a new exhibit (obviously), Must work out which exhibit it is currently in, Could be an issue if there is more than one exhibit in a sim, Probably just "what exhibit's sign am I closest to?", Web pages, Can have above functionality for moving directly to a parcel via secondlife:// links, Sub-pages for exhibits?, Given the inworld browser, might eliminate the need for a HUD at all

Time limit

It _can_ be time limited, but it would be done deliberately.

As long as people have their builds up, the event can go on.

On the other hand - if they lose their builds for some reason, the event stops

Parcel vs sim(s)

Good, Not dependent on having obtained a large space, which is always difficult, Reduces lag, if places are separated, Does not restrict content on a lag basis, If you have an empty enough sim to build in, you can make your exhibit as script- and texture- and sculptie-heavy as you like

Bad, Requires that people have access to enough space to build on, The main problem for SL builders, Current events do at least give you space that you don't have to pay for, "Land donations"?, Groups donate, say, 4096 to a particular event, for X exhibits., Builders are given permission to work there and put out their stuff., Might be awkward to manage., Donors may not want to have things on their land that they do not approve of., Requires keeping track of donors, contacting them and allocating spaces, more so than current full-sim models.