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Quentin by Mind Map: Quentin

1. patient

1.1. boy

1.2. twelve years old

1.3. agenesie congenital calls transversal ectromieli

1.3.1. stop developement in the hand

1.3.2. not hand

1.3.3. juste a little fingers

2. historical

2.1. The fist prosthesis

2.1.1. five years old

2.1.2. aesthetic prosthesis

2.2. The second hand

2.2.1. seven years old

2.2.2. myo electric hand one mouvement a clip witch the three first finger of the hand

2.3. new prosthetique

2.3.1. tewlve years old

2.3.2. myo eletric a new generetion

2.3.3. five motors separated for every fingers different movement different postion

3. fabrication

3.1. first step

3.1.1. mould

3.1.2. plaster bands

3.2. secondly step

3.2.1. flowed plaster

3.2.2. rectifeyed to fill the fingers a flat surface for electrode smoothed

3.3. third step

3.3.1. fabricated the silicone sleeve

3.3.2. assayed this on the children

3.3.3. examinated if it didn't distrud him if quentin accepted this

3.4. fourth step

3.4.1. made a provisional assembly the hand on the sleeve

3.4.2. to control the place of eletrode

3.5. fith step

3.5.1. mad a stok to connect the sleeve with the hand

3.6. recently

3.6.1. delivered

3.6.2. controled no pain if the hand didn't have a probleme

4. advantage

4.1. to play card

4.2. to cut with scissors

4.3. to easily eat

4.4. to play to video game