Strategy Group

This is map of the primary things we need to work out to move forward.

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Strategy Group by Mind Map: Strategy Group

1. Disciplines & Talent

1.1. Insights & Research

1.1.1. Insights Analyist Gutbezahl TBH TBH

1.1.2. Performance Analyist Bonnell TBH TBH

1.1.3. Usability Analyst McLernon

1.2. Strategy

1.2.1. Consumer Strategy Strategists Karofsky Pusey TBH

1.2.2. Brand Strategy Strategists Maleszyk Hagan Yaka

1.3. Service Design

1.3.1. Service Designers Mulder TBH TBH

1.4. Innovation

1.4.1. Inventors Shea Hirschfeld Thomas

2. Purpose of Group

2.1. To identify business challenges and opportunities for current and potential clients

2.2. to surface customer needs, motivations, and goals that align with those challenges and opportunities

2.3. identify what the brand can uniquely offer consumers to meet their needs, motivations an goals

3. Responsibilities of Group

3.1. Lead clients by exposing issues and unearthing new opportunities to develop 'assignments'

3.2. take assignment and deliver an actionable brief to the "skilled" teams (creative & tech)

3.3. set marketing goals and performance metrics of success

3.4. Overseas that the "skilled" team executes on the brief and advises throughout the creative process

3.5. Educate clients and Isobar on challenges, opportunities, strategies that can be addressed by digital

4. Staff