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Nestlé by Mind Map: Nestlé

1. Social Impacts

1.1. Workers

1.1.1. 6 million employed in the world

1.2. Creation of infrastructures allowing a better quality of life

1.3. However as a TNC

1.4. Inconsiderate to the local people

1.4.1. child labour and harsh conditions

1.5. Uniformisation of cultures around the world

1.5.1. Nestlé owns pharmaceuticals, dairy products to chocalate and pet food brands ie Milka, Nespresso, Vittel water,...

1.6. Delocalisation leads to unemployement in MEDCs and developped economies have to reconvert

1.6.1. Development of services and technologies ie Tourism and aerospace

2. Environmental Impacts

2.1. Funding R&D to deploy eco design tools for production

2.1.1. Co2 emissions decreased by 16% and water withdrawl by 28%

2.2. Supporting EU's environmental footprint market

2.3. However Nestlé has been accused of extracting 27 biilion gallons of water in California during drought

3. Global Structure

3.1. Installed worldwide with 461 factories in 83 countries

3.2. Main markets are Europe, America and Asia

3.3. Headquarters still in Switzerland (MEDC), its parent country, where it was founded in 1866.

3.4. It's main factories are located in LEDCs (ie Bangledesh)

4. Economic Impacts

4.1. The company is currently worth 247 billion $

4.2. Employs 6 million people worldwide

4.2.1. Increases the wealth of the country, allowing the economy to grow

4.3. Has a revenue of 100.02 billion $ per year

4.3.1. As it is based in CH it contributes to the GDP of the country and thus its economy

4.4. Main markets

4.4.1. Fast growing markets in terms of revenues Europe 32% America 31% Asia 16% Other 20%

5. Role in Globalisation

5.1. Deepening, widening and speeding up of global connections

5.1.1. Increases world economy as TNCs look to grow from year to year

5.1.2. Triggers technological advances in transport Use of the containers and container ships


5.2.1. 74.70 CHF

6. How sustainable is Nestlé?

6.1. It is ranked 89/100 for the most sustainable companies

6.2. Attacked by greenpeace for its chocolate bars due to its non sustainable palm oil

6.3. Although it brings jobs and infrastructure to receiving countries it has negative impacts on the environment and social aspects

7. Legend

7.1. Positive aspects

7.2. Negative aspects

7.3. Aspects that are negative and positive