Distribution of Short films

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Distribution of Short films by Mind Map: Distribution of Short films

1. Film Festivals

1.1. One of the best ways to distribute your short film would be to enter it into short film festivals. They are becoming increasingly popular especially with students wanting their work recognised.

1.2. One of the most well known film festivals is held by the BFI, British Film Institution

1.2.1. This institution allows creators without a large source of backing to make their work avaliable to a wider audience.

2. Online

2.1. Most short films that I have watched in order to get an idea of what I should be creating for my A2 coursework have been viewed on Youtube.

2.2. Youtube is a site/ application which allows those with accounts to upload videos.

2.2.1. Youtube is one of the most visited viewing platforms for videos with visitors watching around 6 billion hours of video every month.

2.3. Another way in which the internet can help the distribution of short films is not only down to viewing platforms such as Youtube. Nowadays people can display their work on websites that they have created, this could lead to people sharing other work as well as the finished product. eg. the stages of the production.

3. Film competitions

3.1. These competitions are basically the same as the film festivals but they would be more specific to short films and not feature film.

3.2. Film competitions are made purely so that creators can enter their work and get credit for the whokle process

3.3. Examples of film competitons include the 'short film festival' organised by the BFI