November Fitness Content Plan

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November Fitness Content Plan by Mind Map: November Fitness Content Plan

1. Recipes

1.1. How to make Thanks Giving guilt-free

1.1.1. Infographic on where to indulge and what to avoid

1.2. Veggie alternatives to your favourite dishes

1.3. How to chart a healthy, balanced diet over the holiday season

1.3.1. Step by step guide including screenshots and templates

1.4. How to treat yourself (and not feel guilty)

1.5. How to not annoy your family with your diet this Thanks Giving

1.5.1. Including readers' stories

2. Exercises

2.1. 15 minute exercise regime to kick start your day

2.1.1. Explanatory video

2.2. Which exercises work best when you can't get to the gym

2.3. 5 exercises to share with the family this Thanks Giving

2.4. How to exercise indoors this Winter

2.4.1. Could ask for tips from users / readers

3. Exercise Attire

3.1. The best yoga deals this Black Friday

3.1.1. slideshow article

3.2. What to buy your gym obsessed partner who has it all this Thanks Giving

4. Wearable Tech

4.1. The best Thanks Giving presents for fitness fanatics

4.1.1. List article from team suggestions

4.2. The best wearable tech deals on offer this Black Friday

4.3. How is Cyber Monday looking for gym fans?

5. Emotional Wellbeing

5.1. How to avoid over doing it with your diet rules

5.1.1. Whitepaper on the crossover between physical and emotional health

5.2. The top 10 mindfulness apps

5.3. Balanced lifestyle shouldn't mean a yoyo diet

5.4. Checking in with family this Thanks Giving

5.4.1. Long form piece on emotional wellbeing

6. Social Media

6.1. The top 8 Instagram accounts to follow this month

6.1.1. Guest post from Instagram #fitfam

6.2. Which hashtags should you jump on with your fitness social media accounts

6.3. Mini Instagram video exercises are great, but are they always safe?

6.3.1. Long form article on the principles of a safe workout