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This Year by Mind Map: This Year

1. Learn

1.1. Programming Languages

1.1.1. JavaScript Lynda Videos Practice on Kodingen

1.1.2. C/C++ Get C/C++ book from Library Write programs

1.1.3. Python Lynda Vidoes Practice on Kodingen

1.1.4. BASH Get on Linux Finish the BASH tutorial

1.2. 3D Modelling and Animation

1.2.1. 3D's Max Get the 3D's Max Bible book Practice everyday

1.2.2. Blender

1.2.3. PhotoShop

2. Get back to

2.1. Photography

2.2. Painting

2.3. Drawing/Sketching

2.4. Gym

3. Finish

3.1. Writing a draft of the book

3.1.1. Write something everyday

3.2. The Website and host it

3.2.1. Draw a wireframe

3.2.2. Get the basic layout

3.2.3. Decide what you want to put in it

3.2.4. Write the code

3.2.5. Test it on Kodingen