Struggling for America and The Atlantic Slave trade by:Tolu

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Struggling for America and The Atlantic Slave trade by:Tolu by Mind Map: Struggling for America and The Atlantic Slave trade by:Tolu

1. Building a New France

1.1. Explorers and missionaries:Missionaries soon begin to go into the wilderness following explores from France that claimed Canada

1.2. Furs, Trapping, and Fishing:French explorers and fur traders travel inland with the help of Native Americans and trade with goods was increasing

1.3. An Empire Slowly Expands:King Louis XIX in the 1600s appointed officials to monitor economic activities in New France and sent settlers including women to North America

2. The English Colonies

2.1. Establishing the First English Colonies: Built first English colony in Jamestown, Virginia 1607. In early years many settlers died from starvation and disease. Rest survived with help form native americans by teaching on how to grow corn and how to survive in new land.

2.2. English Colonies Grow:In 1600s and 1700s english established additional colonies like Maryland, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, etc.

2.3. Governing the Colonies:English monarchs asserted control over their American colonies appointed royal governors to oversee colonial affairs and had a parliment pass laws to regulate colonial trade

3. Struggling for power

3.1. Competing for colonies:in 1600s many countries like France, Spain, England, and the Dutch all have their own land that they were controlling for themselves

3.2. Bitter Rivalry Turns to war:In 1700s france and britain were powerful rivals. They kept on clashing and soon in 1763 a war began which was the French and Indian war. In 1763 the Treaty of Paris ended the worldwide war and gave britain sole control of North America.

4. Triangular Trade Across the Atlantic

4.1. Shipping People and Goods:On first leg, merchant ships brought European goods like guns,cloth, and cash from Africa, the second leg was known as the middle passage which was when slaves were transported, and the final leg was when merchants had goods like sugar, molasses, and cotton

4.2. Industries and cities thrive:Certain industries that supported trade thrived like ship building industries, and other industries like fishing, raising tobacco, and processing sugar became very successful.

5. Horrors of the Middle Passage

5.1. The trek to ships: Most Africans were taken from their villages. After they were enslaved  they were bound with ropes and chains in great distances

5.2. Aboard the "Floating Coffins": Africans  were packed below. The ships would go through a lot like pirates, storms or mutinies from the Africans who wanted to be free.

6. The Impact of the Atlantic Slave Trade

6.1. Slaves brought enormous wealth for merchants and traders and they also provided labor for their capturers. But african states and societies were being torn apart.