Problem solving

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Problem solving by Mind Map: Problem solving

1. Chemistry class

1.1. Junior year, during a chemistry class, I didn’t know anything on a quiz and I failed.

1.2. So the next time I had a quiz, the night before I studied and it helped me get good grades on the quiz.

1.3. As a result, I did really good on the quiz, so ever since then I have studied.

2. History

2.1. In history, I used to struggle to learn the material presented in the class.

2.2. I've started taking notes of the material presented in class.

2.3. As a result, I started remembering the material in class. Since then, my grades have improved.

3. Project with Eugene

3.1. In digital portfolio, I am working with a student who has been absent due to a medical issue for several weeks,

3.2. This resulted in other students brainstorming and helping us and our project has not been delayed.

3.3. We still need to complete our project, so we have been working together long-distance using Face-time.

4. Competency

4.1. Problem solving means that when trouble arrives, I am able to find a way to solve it.

4.2. To demonstrate problem solving skills that apply knowledge, think critically  and creatively

4.3. These three examples show how my problem solving skills improved while at Maynard High School.