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Flowchart by Mind Map: Flowchart

1. Have access to all functions

2. Manager

2.1. Check Raw material inventory

2.1.1. Add new raw materials codedetails

2.1.2. Edit raw material details

2.1.3. Add and edit minimum ordering inventory number

2.1.4. Check raw material availability If raw material inventory below threshold Order raw materials and make payments

2.2. Managers can add new product codes to the system-(.csv file)

2.3. upload new invoice format-.pdf

2.4. Report Analysis

2.5. Place orders for production team

2.6. Check company performance

2.6.1. Open orders

2.6.2. Open cancel orders

2.6.3. Product inventory

2.6.4. Raw material inventory

2.7. Have to authority to create staff logins and edit accesses

3. Production team

3.1. Receive order request - Managers and sales officer

3.1.1. Check raw material availabilty Raw material available Manufacture products Raw material not available Raise request for raw materials Inform sales team about delays

3.2. Receive ordered raw materials

3.2.1. Check quality of received goods Update raw material inventory

4. Customer

4.1. Browse website -sort, filter and select product

4.1.1. Select product Login - create account or login via gmail or facebook Add product to cart cancel order

4.2. Edit content on website

4.3. Check FAQ section on website

4.4. Check Social media

4.4.1. Find a offer go to website

4.4.2. Raise complain

4.5. Go to contact us section on website

4.5.1. Fill contact us form

4.6. Login on website - Registered account, Gmail or facebook

4.6.1. Check account history and orders Raise cancellation request by filling the cancellation request form

5. Order management and Sales

5.1. Receive Order confirmation details

5.1.1. Check product availability Product available Package product, print invoice and mail Update inventory Update order status Product not available Raise request to production team with priority Update order staus

5.2. Receive Order cancellation details and other customer complaints

5.2.1. check validity of request Request valid Inform the customer to send the product to the company address Request not valid Inform customer

5.3. Receive contact us form details

5.3.1. Check details Inform customer close case

6. Social media and website manager

6.1. Add content on website

6.2. Manage social media pages and campaigns

6.3. Add special offers on website

6.4. Receive social media complains

6.4.1. Raise requests to Sales team