Groups of Bacteria According O2 needs

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Groups of Bacteria According O2 needs by Mind Map: Groups of Bacteria According O2 needs

1. Microaerphiles

1.1. require limited amount of atmospheric oxygen for growth, the excess of the required amount could block the activities of their oxidative enzymes.

1.2. تحتاج كميه محدده من الاكسجين

2. Obligate anaerbes

2.1. require the absence of free oxygen for growth because their oxidative enzymes requires the presence of molecules other than O2 to act as the final hydrogen acceptor.

3. Aerobes

3.1. require presence of atmospheric oxygen for growth, their enzyme system use O2 as final hydrogen acceptor in complete oxidative degradation of energy molecules such as glucose

3.2. تحتاج الاكسجين وانو الاكسجين يستعمل الانزيم اللي عليه ك Acceptor للهيدروجين

4. Aerotolerant anaerobes

4.1. are fermentative organisms, So, they do not use O2 as final electron acceptor. But they produce oxidative enzymes thus, they not killed by presence of O2

4.2. * ما تحتاج الاكسجين عشان اصل هوا ما يسوي Oxidtion

4.3. *لو تعرضت للأكسجين عندها انزيمات تحميها

4.4. *الأفضل تنمو في عدم وجود الأكسجين

5. Facultative anaerobes

5.1. can grow in presence or absence of free oxygen but better in presence O2.

5.2. تنمو في وجود وعدم وجود الاكسجين بس الافضل تنمو في وجود الأكسجين