The Internet and WWW

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The Internet and WWW by Mind Map: The Internet and WWW

1. Web Publishing

1.1. The development and maintanance of Web pages

2. Virtual reality VR

2.1. The use of computer to simulate a real or imagined environment that appear 3D

3. Plug-in

3.1. A program that etends the capability of a Web browser

4. Animations

4.1. The appearance of motion created by displayin a series of still images in sequences

5. 13 types of Web

5.1. Portal

5.2. News

5.3. Informational

5.4. Bussiness

5.5. Blog

5.6. Wiki

5.7. Online Social Network

5.8. Educational

5.9. Entertaiment

5.10. Advocacy

5.11. Web Aplication

5.12. Content Agregator

5.13. Personal

6. Two types of search engines and subject directories

6.1. Search Engines

6.1.1. finds information related to a specific topic

6.2. Subject directory

6.2.1. Classifies web pages in an organized set of catogeries

7. Two main goals

7.1. - Allow scientist at different physical locationto share information and work together - Functions even if part of the network were disabled or destriyed by a disaster

8. Definition Internet

8.1. A wordlwide collection of networks that links millions of bussiness , goverment, educational institutions and indiiduals

9. Evolution

9.1. Access provider is a bussiness that provides individuals an organizations access to te internet free or or a fee

9.2. DSL

9.3. Cable Internet Service

9.4. Fiber to the Premises

9.5. Fixed Wireless

9.6. Cellular Radio Network

9.7. WiFi

9.8. Sattelite Internet Service

9.9. IP Address

9.9.1. A number that uniquel identifies each computer or device connected to the internet


9.10. Domain name

9.10.1. The text version of an IP address

9.10.2. .com

9.11. DNS Server

9.11.1. Translate the domain name into its associated IP address

10. Definition WWW

10.1. World Wide Web or Web consists o a worldwide collection of electronic documents

10.2. Web Site

10.2.1. A collections o related Web Pages and associated items

10.3. Web Server

10.3.1. A computer that delivers requested Web pages to your computer

10.4. Web 2.0

10.4.1. Refer to Web sites that provide a means for users to interact

11. Web browser

11.1. Allows user to access Web pages and web 2.0 programs

11.2. Internet explorer

11.3. Firefox

11.4. Opera

11.5. Safari

11.6. oogle Chrome

12. Home Page

12.1. The first page that a Web site displays

12.2. Provides links to other related Web pages

13. Downloading

13.1. The process of receiving information

14. Graphic

14.1. A digital representation of nontext information

14.2. BMP

14.2.1. GIF JPEG PNG