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3.1. it is all about power- everything in the play stems from characters desire to have power

3.2. relevant to all time periods, status, gender.

4. MACBETH--'I have no spur to prick the side of my intent, but only vaulting ambition which o'verleaps itself and fall on th'other'  a1s7

4.1. i have no motivation to kill Duncan other than my own AMBITION

5. MACBETH--'Let not light see my black and deep desires' a1s4

5.1. he is conscience that his AMBITION is bad and will lead to him doing wrong

6. LADY M--'What thou art promised. Yet do I fear thy nature; It is too full o' th' milk of human kindness' a1s5

6.1. immediately Lady M thinks of murder, and establishes her character as a strong, powerful one.

7. BANQUO-- 'Thou hast it now—king, Cawdor, Glamis, all, As the weird women promised, and I fear Thou played'st most foully for't.' a1s3

7.1. he suspects M of foul play




11. MACBETH-- 'For mine own good All causes shall give way. I am in blood  a3s4

11.1. nothing matters expect M achieving his AMBITIONS

12. BANQUO-- 'Why, by the verities on thee made good, May they not be my oracles as well, And set me up in hope?' a1s3

12.1. he too is given a prophecy, however he handles his AMBITION differently to Macbeth.

13. MACBETH-- 'Stepped in so far that, should I wade no more, Returning were as tedious as go o'er' a3s4

13.1. i am in so far, i can't turn back now

14. CAPTAIN-- 'For brave Macbeth (well he deserves that name) Disdaining Fortune, with his brandished steel' a1s2

14.1. even from the beginning when M should have died he fights his FATE with VIOLENCE

14.2. maybe it is the SUPERNATURAL keeping him alive, intervening with nature- are the witches to blame?

15. MACBETH-- 'That is a step On which I must fall down, or else o'erleap, For in my way it lies' a1s4

15.1. after the witches prophecy his thoughts go straight to intervening, achieving AMBITION

16. MACBETH-- 'If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me, Without my stir' a1s3

16.1. Macbeth want the crown, inwardly, outwardly tries not to show it

16.2. seems a more noble, humble Macbeth than later on in the play

17. LADY MACBETH-- "when you durst do it, then you were a man.' a1s7

17.1. manipulation

17.2. to be a man you must be strong, ambitious violent

18. MACBETH-- 'Rather than so, come fate into the list, And champion me to th' utterance!' a3s1

18.1. believes fate is still on his side and asks for its help

18.2. still truly believes this is his fate

19. BANQUO-- 'And oftentimes, to win us to our harm, The instruments of darkness tell us truths, Win us with honest trifles, to betray's In deepest consequence.' a1s3

19.1. the SUPERNATURAL play on our faults and manipulate us into doing things we wouldnt ordinarily

19.2. trick and deceive us to get their wish

19.3. banquo begs caution whilst Macbeth believes all

20. MACBETH-- 'Art thou not, fatal vision, sensible To feeling as to sight? or art thou but A dagger of the mind, a false creation, Proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain?' a2s1

20.1. already M's Guilt about what he is to do is making him crazy

20.2. or is the witches and the SUPERNATURAL?

21. LADY M-- Nought's had, all's spent Where our desire is got without content.' a3s2

21.1. even after all their hard work they are still not happy

21.2. is it because this goes against FATE

22. LADY MACBETH-- 'And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full Of direst cruelty' a1s5

23. LADY MACBETH-- "Come, you spirits That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here' a1s5

23.1. she uses her FREE WILL to ask the SUPERNATURAL to fill her with VIOLENCE

24. LADY MACBETH-- 'Look like the innocent flower, But be the serpent under it' a1s5

24.1. her thoughts immediately go to VIOLENCE