Present Perfect

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Present Perfect by Mind Map: Present Perfect

1. Continuos

1.1. Form

1.1.1. Subject                  Auxiliary          Gerund I, you, we, they     Have been       Talking, Studying, witing… He, she, it             Has been         Talking, Studying, witing…

1.2. Structure

1.2.1. Affirmetive                                               S + Has/have + been + V ing + C Ex: They have been talking for three hours.

1.2.2. Negative                                                     S + Has/have + Not + been + V ing + C Ex: She hasn’t been studying English for very long

1.2.3. Interrogative                                   Has/have + S + been + V ing + C Ex: Have they been talking for a long time?

2. Simple

2.1. Form

2.1.1. Subject                  Auxiliary          Example I, you, we, they     Have                worked, played, touched He, she, it             Has                  worked, played , touched

2.2. Structure

2.2.1. Affirmetive                                               S + Has/have + V ed + C Ex: We have been on holiday for two weeks.

2.2.2. Negative                                                     S + Has/have + Not + V ed + C Ex: I haven't played that game for years.

2.2.3. Interrogative                                   Has/have + S  + V ed + C Ex: Have they studied English grammar before?                               Why has it rained so much this summer?