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Fertilization by Mind Map: Fertilization

1. Gametes

1.1. Sperm Cell

1.1.1. Produced In Testes

1.1.2. Male Gamete

1.2. Ovum ( Egg )

1.2.1. Produced In Ovaries

1.2.2. Female Gamete

2. Further Process

2.1. Implantation

2.1.1. Zygote Is Implanted Into The Uterine Wall

2.1.2. The Embryo Starts Getting Water, Oxygen And Nutrients From This Stage

2.2. Growth Of The Embryo

2.2.1. Embryo Grows And Becomes A Human Like Organism Called A Fetus

2.2.2. The Fetus Soon Develops Eyes, Hands, Legs, Heart, Liver Etc.

2.3. Gestation Period

2.3.1. 9 Months Long

2.3.2. The Period When The Woman Carries The Fetus In Her Womb

3. Fusion Of Gametes

3.1. Male Sperm

3.1.1. Travels Into The Women's Uterus

3.1.2. Through The Penis

3.2. Female Ovum

3.2.1. Travels To The Uterus

3.2.2. Through The Fallopian Tube

3.3. Formation Of Zygote

3.3.1. Sperms Fuse With The Ova On The Uterine Wall

3.3.2. Create A Fertilized Egg Known As Zygote

4. Birth

4.1. Birth Of The Baby

4.1.1. After Gestation Period, Baby Is Born Through The Birth Canal

4.1.2. Babies Born Before - Pre Matured Babies