Web Awareness and Digital Citizenship

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Web Awareness and Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: Web Awareness and Digital Citizenship

1. Digital Citizenship

1.1. Respect

1.1.1. Respect yoursely

1.1.2. respect intellectual property

1.1.3. respect others

1.2. Manner in which you portray yourself

1.2.1. Privacy settings

1.3. Netiquette

1.3.1. Rules to behave online

1.3.2. Curticy and respect

1.3.3. social networks, blog, online games, emails, chatrooms etc.

1.3.4. flaming: arguing online with a person

1.3.5. Communicating clearly easy to read and understand watch out for humour that is not clear online

1.3.6. The internet is not a private place. get permission before posting others information/pictures

2. Web Awareness

2.1. Internet Safety

2.2. Impact of Sexually Explicit Material

2.2.1. early exposure likely to have a negative influence on children

2.2.2. children can no process the information, they do store it

2.2.3. May begin to shape sexual values, attitudes and behaviours

2.2.4. May prematurely sexualize children

2.2.5. May incite them to experiment with sexually explicit behaviour

2.2.6. May interfere with healthy sexual development

2.2.7. Resource: Good Picture Bad Picture

2.3. CyberBulling

2.3.1. bullying.org

2.3.2. Recommended action increase supervision of children by adults informing school and legal authorities when cyberbullying is discovered fighting for increasing touch anti-bullying laws

2.4. Web Awareness of Teachers

2.4.1. in loco parentis - teacher is the unofficial guardian  of the child when the parent is not present

3. Digital Footprints

3.1. Authenticity of Web Resources

3.1.1. Fact or Folly Not all information found on the Internet is fact Examples: Does Not Compute; GenoChoice; male pregnancy; Virusmyth

3.1.2. Email Validity

3.2. Marketing

3.2.1. Advertisements targeted at children

3.3. Privacy

3.3.1. There is no privacy

3.4. Copyright

3.4.1. Copy and paste

3.4.2. Protect intellectual right of the author or artist

3.4.3. fair use

3.4.4. creative commons