Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management by Mind Map: Human Resource Management

1. What Is HRM?

1.1. HRM is function in organizations designed to maximize employee performance.

1.2. HRM is mainly concerned about the management of people in an organization.

2. Safety and Health

2.1. Achieving good values in an organization for a safe and healthy environment in the workplace and with the employees and employers.

3. Compensation

3.1. The HRM is also responsible for determining Compensation packages for employees.

3.2. Such as: Wages and Salary, Bonus and Job Evaluation

4. Good HR Manager

4.1. Good Communication Skills

4.2. Leadership Skills

4.3. Teaching Skills

4.4. Behave professionally                                  (If there is a bad situation, then you should have the skills to deal with the problem in a professional and nice manner)

5. Training and Development

5.1. HRM management manages the training for employees in the workplace for their first day. Employees are taught how to use specific tools, products and other machinery and taught how to safely complete their work each day.

6. Selecting and Hiring Employees

6.1. Often, HRM is responsible for selecting and hiring applicants for a job. HRM develop job descriptions that outline skills and experience levels for an applicant to be hired.

7. Functions of HRM

7.1. 1. Manage HR management 2. Knowledge of laws         3. Development                 4. Compensation                 5. Maintenance