The dutch enlightenment.

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The dutch enlightenment. by Mind Map: The dutch enlightenment.

1. The Netherlands

1.1. A publishing center for the work of enlightened thinkers

1.1.1. print books and journals

1.1.2. Societies of Science Discussing the latest publications

1.2. 2 different groups

1.2.1. Huguenot immigrants wrote in dutch or latin all about changing the dutch life ( the economy)

1.2.2. People from Spanish-Netherlands Wrote in french mostly religion books Considered the life of the public

1.3. dutch thinkers

1.3.1. important works of science

1.3.2. Herman boehaave book: Elementia Chemia Chemistry textbook for students.

1.4. Eise Esinnga

1.4.1. born in Friesland

1.4.2. Very interested in astronomy

1.4.3. Eelco Alta published a book predicting the end of the world Huge collision with all the planetes Eise Esinnga build a planetarium to prevent further panic.( he succeeded) took 7 years still works today