Finding a portable stand for my laptop

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Finding a portable stand for my laptop by Mind Map: Finding a portable stand for my laptop

1. Problem

1.1. I work on a macbook all day long

1.2. I look at my iphone all day long

1.3. At the end of the day my neck hurts from looking down too much

1.4. I can't really adjust my laptop and I have a tendency to crouch over it and then my back hurts

1.5. I work in many different places like coffee shops, restaurants, friends houses, vacation, etc.

1.6. Find a solution so my eyes, my neck, and my back feel better at the end of the day.

2. Goals

2.1. Find a portable stand to elevate my MacBook

2.2. It must be lightweight so it's not too heavy in my bag.

2.3. I want cost effective

2.4. I wear glasses with magnification, so I have to look down the lenses to read.

2.5. I want it to be small

3. Research

3.1. I searched Amazon for several options and found the following 3 solution types

3.1.1. Even more compact versions Example: What I bought Pros Really light weight and weighs less than a pound Really compact Doesn't need a fan because the laptop is elevated Really inexpensive, less than $15 Cons I won't be able to raise it or elevate it as high as  the table version

3.1.2. Full length stands that would elevate my macbook at an angle from the desk Favorite Example Pros A little cheaper than the larger version Weighs a little less. Smaller and some versions are really thin like my macbook Some come with a cooling fan Some come with a mouse pad Cons A little wide like a book Only can tilt high enough for the viewing angle on my macbook to work. About 8" which is actually pretty good.

3.1.3. A stand that could raise up over a foot and would work like a desk Favorite Example Pros Could really put the laptop in any position Some come with a cooling fan Some come with a mouse pad Cons Is a little big for my laptop Weighs about 5 pounds About $35

3.2. Research Project 2