Do you have a pet?

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Do you have a pet? by Mind Map: Do you have a pet?

1. Yes. I have a pet.

1.1. Which pet do you have

1.1.1. Dog, Cat, snake, House

1.1.2. Is it small? Yes. It is a small pet. What Colour is it? No. It is a big Pet. What Colour is it?

2. No. I do not have a pet.

2.1. Dog, Cat, snake, rat

2.2. Would you like a pet?

2.2.1. Yes. Which one? Do you wandt a small pet? Yes I wondt a small pet. No. I wondt a big pet.

2.2.2. No. Why Not? Are you allergic Yes I am allergic. No. I am not allergic. Are you afraid of pets? Yes. Which animal are you most afraid of? No. I just dont wandt a pet.