Black Beauty

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Black Beauty by Mind Map: Black Beauty

1. Information

1.1. Writer: Anne Sawell

1.2. Title: Black beauty

2. My opinion about the book

2.1. well constructed story

2.2. A beautiful lifestory

2.3. funny but sometimes sad

3. Character discription black beauty

3.1. Black beauty is a beautiful horse. He has a fine, soft and shiney black coat with a pretty white star on his forhead. He can run very fast and he always does his best.

4. Moral of the story

4.1. Black beauty told that horses are treated badly.

5. main characters

5.1. Black beauty

5.2. Ginger

5.3. Joe Green

5.4. Duchess

6. Bosses of black beauty

6.1. Mr Barry

6.2. Mr Gordon

6.3. Jerry Barker

6.4. Lord and Lady Gray

7. Where does it take place

7.1. In the past

7.2. His whole life until now