Curricula for Understanding

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Curricula for Understanding by Mind Map: Curricula for Understanding

1. Authentic Learning Experiences

1.1. Demonstration of Mastery Assignments

1.1.1. Resource Curation Pinterest

1.1.2. Justification Reflections

1.1.3. Example Hunt

1.2. Real World Learning Experiences

1.2.1. Service Learning Corporation for National & Community Service Red Cross American Rivers American Community Gardening Association

1.2.2. Apprenticeships/Experiential Learning Department of Labor NASA Education

1.3. Scenario Projects

1.3.1. Mock Campaign/Trial

1.3.2. Real World Writing Projects

1.3.3. Ethics, Social & Global Issues Discussions PBS Idea Channel School in the Clouds - Big Questions Big Think

1.3.4. Day in the Life Writing Assignments

1.3.5. Global Issue Simulations

1.4. Course Synthesis Projects

1.4.1. Define Your Future Role

1.5. Portfolio Projects

1.5.1. Three Ring

1.5.2. Google Sites

2. Student Driven Learning

2.1. Goal Setting

2.1.1. SMART Goal Setting With Your Students

2.1.2. 10 Tips for Setting Successful Goals With Students

2.2. Demonstration Choice

2.3. Learning Activity Choice

2.4. Flexible Scheduling

2.5. Personal Interests