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Tracking progress to my Technical Architect by Mind Map: Tracking progress
to my Technical Architect
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Tracking progress to my Technical Architect is a list of free e-book for the architect certifications

System Architect

Integration architecture Designer

Held a technical architect role on multiple complex deployments or gained equivalent knowledge through participation and exposure to these types of projects Thorough understanding of Web Services in general and SOAP and REST specifically; understands the basic workings of HTTP/S Understand the different APIs and is able to design solutions using the appropriate API Understand data migration considerations, design trade-offs, and common ETL tools Experience with common integration patterns used on the Platform Understand patterns/mechanisms to secure integrations such as TLS for HTTP

Destination Success Week 1, Integrating with the platform, Integration, Security Integration, * Trailhead Module: Data Security, * Trailhead Module: User Management, * Event Monitoring, User Interface Integration, Business logic, Data Integration, Trailhead: API Basics, Get to Know the Salesforce APIs, Use REST API, Use SOAP API, Use Bulk API, Use Streaming API, Trailhead: Apex Integration service


SFU-Certification guide, Understanding the Basics, Integrating with the Platform, Integration, Integration Workbook, Integration Architecture Designer Resource Guide (Inking), General, Integrating with the Platform, Integration, UML 2 Sequence Diagrams: An Agile Introduction, Catalog of Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, Patterns in Enterprise Software, 1. Technologies and Overall Integration Strategy, 1.1 Integration Architecture for the Salesforce Platform, 1.2 Awareness of data backup/archiving/data warehousing integration strategies., Salesforce Backup and Restore Essentials Part 1, Salesforce Backup and Restore Essentials Part 2, 1.3 Recommend and justify the appropriate integration strategy and the use of common integration patterns., Patterns and Best Practices for Enterprise Integration, Integration: Mashups and Composite Applications, Integration: Introduction to the APIs, Integration: The Web Service API, Integration: The REST-based APIs, Integration: The Bulk API, Integration: Outbound Messaging, Integration: Salesforce to Salesforce, Integration Characteristics, Salesforce Integration Mechanisms, 1.4 Provide details on the integration components involved in a flow ..., 2. Integration Solution Tools, 2.2 Capabilities and Limitations, Which API should I use, 3. Security, Suggested Activities, 1. Workflow, 2. SOAP Integration, 3. REST Integration, Prep and Study, Certification Study Guide

Independent resources, cory cowgill blog, Succeed with Salesforce, Items you need to know, Outbound Messaging and its capabilities, limitations, Large Data Volume Migration into Salesforce: Considerations, Lightning Connect and its capabilities, Salesforce Canvas, Duplicate Prevention and De-duplication tools and mechanisms (both off platform and within Salesforce), Named credentials, External ID: Knowledge based questions, Middleware (lots of questions), API limits in Salesforce and reasons, Type of Testing to be used in different scenarios, Authentication mechanisms ( CA signed certificates, SSL certificates, Base64 encoding), Batch API and data load in Salesforce (lots of questions), Partner WSDL and Enterprise WSDL, SOAP Callouts, Enterprise Service Bus, Types of API’s and capabilities, Chatter REST API, Apex REST Services and its capabilities, limitations, Apex callouts and its capabilities, limitations, Salesforce to Salesforce (lots of questions), Integration related errors and troubleshooting (lots of questions)

Identity and Access Management Designer

Exam outline, Exam Results: March '14, Identity Management Concepts 34%, Describe the role(s) an identity provider and service provider play in an access control solution., Describe common methods how trust connections are established between two systems and the methodologies used to describe trust between an identity provider and service provider., Given a scenario, articulate whether it is describing an authentication, authorization, or accounting scenario and what Salesforce feature should be used to accomplish the task., Given a scenario, recommend the appropriate method for provisioning users in Salesforce and other third party services (SOAP/REST API, SAML JIT, Identity, Connect, User Provisioning for Connected Apps, etc.), Describe the risks to enterprise security that federated single sign-on solutions aim to address., Given a scenario, troubleshoot common points of failure that may be encountered in a single sign-on solution (SAML, OAuth, etc.)., Accepting 3rd party Identity 21%, SFDC as an identity provider 18%, SFDC Identity 8%, Community (partner and customer) 7%

Video Series

Succeed with Salesforce

SFU Certification Guide, General Resources, Understanding Authentication, About Single Sign-on, Identity Implementation guide, Identity How-to's,, Choosing an SSO Strategy: SAML vs OAuth2, Salesforce Identity Connect, General Overview, 1. SSO, 2. Identity Managment, Suggested Activities, Established a Federation ID, Set up Identity provider, Generate SAML, Build Materials, Intro to OAuth Flow, Hub and Spoke SSO for Multi SFDC orgs, Social Sign On

Destination Success, Trailhead: user Authentication, Trailhead: Identity for Customers, Identity Implementation Guide,,,

Provisioning Users Communities

Dev Life cycle & Deployment Designer

Exam, Break down...

Destination Success Week 2, Intro to Development Lifecycle, Intro to Application Development lifecycle, Change management

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Mobile Solutions Arch Designer




Prep and Study

Application Architect

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Advance admin

Implementation Experts

Community Cloud Consultant

Page 28 of guide

Commitment 30-40 hours

Recommended Experience: 2-5 years

Marketing Cloud Consultant

Pardot Consultant

Sales Could

Service Cloud Consultant

Technical Architect

summa: my experience