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Photosynthesis by Mind Map: Photosynthesis

1. Steps

1.1. Sunllight absorbed

1.2. water and nutrients absorbed in plant

1.3. chlorophyll traps light energy

1.4. carbon dioxide enters through leaves

1.5. chloroplast take materials and convert them to sugar and oxygen

1.6. sugar released to plant

1.7. oxygen released to air

2. Bolded Vocabulary Words

2.1. photosynthesis

2.2. chlorophyll

2.3. carbon dioxide

2.4. chloroplast

3. Importance

3.1. Photosynthesis is very important because it produces sugars that are necessary for plants to live and oxygen for animals to breathe in.

4. Chemical Reaction

4.1. carbon dioxide + water + light --> sugar (glucose) + oxygen

5. Summary

5.1. Photosynthesis is the process of converting products such as carbon dioxide, water, and light to sugar and oxygen. This happens in the chloroplast.

6. Cellular Respiration

6.1. Summary

6.1.1. Cellular respiration is the process in which sugar is turned into energy. This happens in the mitochondria.

6.2. Chemical Reaction

6.2.1. sugar + oxygen --> water + carbon dioxide + energy

6.3. Importance

6.3.1. Energy is important in allowing processes to occur and for life to exist.