Current Research Understanding

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Current Research Understanding by Mind Map: Current Research Understanding

1. Perform Collaborative Work Session Updates

1.1. Use Project Management Software to Assist

2. We are making a report detailing to company UA how better to collaborate in groups.

2.1. Should be professional

3. Transmittal memo

3.1. Establishes background to audience... why report is relevant

4. Gathered research:

4.1. Those who work in teams better learn from one another, even in terms of subjects they've had no previous interaction with.

4.2. Collaborative Writing Tools have been shown to distinctively increase group productivity and ease of collaboration.

5. We are employees at UA

5.1. The company that has hired us is Apple Inc.

5.2. They work in departments worldwide and are having a difficult time communicating effectively

6. Currently have 11 different citations in annotated bibliography

7. Have a schedule/timeline for the next 3 weeks present in our memo for completion of project #3

8. Using Basecamp (Classic)

8.1. Project Management Application

9. Jobs

9.1. Luis Celaya - Consultant from the Arizona Business Teamwork Committee

9.2. Ben Laycock - Behavioral scientist at the University of Arizona

9.3. Alex Hartz - Writer

10. Apple Inc.

10.1. Leaders in producing consumer electronics. Products include: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook, Mac PC, Apple Watch, etc

10.2. Apple celebrates diversity in the workplace

10.3. Mike Wallace, Apple Inc. CEO hires UA to consult Apple staff in how to better work together in group efforts

11. Research findings

11.1. 1. Respect 2. Information Sharing 3. Being considerate (all parts critical to the "Results"