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Publics by Mind Map: Publics

1. Internal

1.1. Employees

1.1.1. Interest: They run the association & allow it to be efficient and productive. Also, they benefit from the success of the association, as they get a career in a successful place.

1.1.2. Objectives: Monthly Newsletters for internal communication & Entertainment events with competitions.

1.2. Cotton Farmers

1.2.1. Interest: They are the core benefiters, as the association aims to promote the product of their farming and help them plant more pure products of it.

1.2.2. Objectives: Sponsor the farmers

1.3. Management

1.3.1. Interest: Provide employees with the planning & structure to keep things running smoothly. Also, they determine the quality of employees by staffing well. In addition, they control employee efficiency by good leadership, motivation, & monitoring.

1.3.2. Objectives: Workshop sessions to enhance their management skills & Conduct weekly sessions between top management to promote a constant vision between departments & better communication.

2. External

2.1. Manufacturers of Garments

2.1.1. Interest: They need good quality raw material and the association has to give them an internationally recognised trademark.

2.1.2. Objective: Brochures that communicate the association's aim.

2.2. Retailers

2.2.1. Interest: They help promote products that are of better quality, so they can help the association promote the authenticity of the trademark and build trust with customers.

2.2.2. Objectives: Brochures that communicate the association's aim.

2.3. Media

2.3.1. Interest: It is important for promoting products and making people aware of the different choices that they have. By that the major key elements that enhance the credibility of the association are highlighted

2.3.2. Objectives: Fashion events that allows exposure and increases publicity.

2.4. Consumers

2.4.1. Interest: They should be aware of the association's aim and trademark, so that they encourage it in the market and spread positive word of mouth about it.

2.4.2. Objectives: Exhibition booths in common malls.

2.5. Business Customers

2.5.1. Interest: When they buy products that have the trademark, then their customers will become aware of the product and notice its quality and hopefully spread the awareness by word of mouth to others.

2.5.2. Objectives: Conference inviting all potential business customers.

2.6. Competitors

2.6.1. Interest: The always encourage the association to  strive higher and work harder. Also, it is important for them to distinguish themselves from other competitors to grab the attention of buyers.

2.6.2. Objectives: Coalition with competitors against synthetics manufacturers Trace their action and learn from their mistakes and successes