Translating Brazil

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Translating Brazil by Mind Map: Translating Brazil

1. Clash of Languages and Cultures by European's Arrival.

2. Portuguese Colonial Project

3. For Teaching and Evangelization

4. Transfer of Technology

5. For Conquest and Trade

6. For Entertainment

7. For Nation Building

8. Colonization by Portugal and Extermination of Indigenous cultures

9. Interpreters: Expeditions, military and religious services - End of 18th century

10. Sworn Translators (1851) - Subordinated to the Commercial Tribunal

11. Natives as loyal Portuguese-speakers

12. Tupi was spoken for 300 years and not Portuguese

13. Multilingualism and Translation abilities taught at Jesuit Schools

14. Tupi Catechism

15. Theatrical Plays for evangelization

16. New scientific and technical discoveries current in Europe

17. 86 translation works in two years

18. Franciscan Friar José Veloso incentivation for cientific discovery books translation.

19. Impressão Régia - Government-owned company

20. the scarcity of qualified workers and the high cost of imported equipment and raw materials

21. imported paper and pulp were taxed at 60% more than imported books.

22. Different forms: book, theatre and the press

23. Newspapers hired any bilingual as translators

24. Novels and feuilletons translated in footnotes of newspapers

25. Few play-writers - started translating

26. Translating books after first quarter of the 20th century

27. World War I made difficult to import books from Europe

28. Many publishing houses opened increasing Brazilian paper production and a sense of nationalism

29. Editora Globo - pirated translations in 1922

30. 1936-1948 the number of Brazilian publishing houses grew by 91%

31. 1946, changes in economic policies - number of publishing houses falling by 50%

32. Foreign publishers associated with Brazilian counterparts