Film Opening Synopsis

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Film Opening Synopsis by Mind Map: Film Opening Synopsis

1. Locations

1.1. Forests - forests have high trees and bushes. They show little light through the trees which is perfect for a horror film. They also give a creepy aspect as the lighting is always dark.

2. Costume

2.1. Killer Clown

2.1.1. Clown boots can create suspense as footsteps will be loud and let the victim know someone is following them.

3. Cinematography

3.1. Close up

3.1.1. This usually is the show emotions on a characters face.

3.2. Extreme long shot

3.2.1. This establishes the setting of a scene - establishing shot.

3.3. Match on action

4. Diegesis

4.1. Diegetic sound

4.1.1. Music  - added in through editing to add tension and fear.

4.2. Non-diegetic sound

4.2.1. Wind blowing the bushes and trees in the background of the scene setting the mood.

4.2.2. Footsteps of a clown following the victim, crushing the sticks and leaves on the ground. This gives the audience the feeling that someone is going to die.

5. Props

5.1. Knife

5.1.1. This is the weapon that the clown will be using to murder its victims. This weapon represents death, blood and danger.

5.2. Phone

5.2.1. This is used to foreshadow the death of the characters.

6. Editing

6.1. Slow-paced

6.1.1. Usually at the beginning of the film to build the tension for the film.

6.2. Fast-paced

6.2.1. Usually running and chasing scenes.