Web 2.0/Mobile Apps

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Web 2.0/Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Web 2.0/Mobile Apps

1. Mobile Analytics

1.1. NIAAA

1.1.1. The NIAAA app gives your up to date scores for high schools around the nation. This is an easy way to keep up with your local or favorite schools

1.2. CastBox

1.2.1. CastBox is the podcast system I have readily used. It forms and easy way to find your favorite podcasts and keep up with sports news or another form of news

1.3. NIke +

1.3.1. NIke + is a popular app to help track and athletes progress. This tracks speed, mileage, and all other kinds of training

2. WEb 2.0 Analytics

2.1. DakStats

2.1.1. DakStats is the NAIA way of keeping stats for all of its members. By going to their website you can see who is the leading scorer in goals or who has thrown the most touchdown passes

3. Mobile Communication

3.1. GroupMe

3.1.1. GroupMe allows you to create groups and add contacts into it. Instead of constantly putting together mass texts, this allows you to easily and quickly send messages to multiple people

3.2. Twitter

3.2.1. Twitter is one of the most famous social media. Twitter allows one to get up to date information and share with your peers

4. Mobile Video

4.1. CoachesEye

4.1.1. CoachesEye is a quick way for a coach to film and athlete and fix certain technique problems. A coach can show the athlete and even draw on the app to show improvements

4.2. Snapchat

4.2.1. Snapchat is a simple way to inform fans and recruits the daily life of a team. Snapchat can be taken everywhere and take short films of daily games, practices, or lives of the players

5. Web 2.0 Organization

5.1. Dropbox

5.1.1. Dropbox allows anyone to move around documents into a certain folder to be able to share to multiple other accounts

5.2. Google Reader

5.2.1. Google Reader is an RSS which gives you updates on certain websites or articles. This can help you keep up to date with local or national research

5.3. Google Docs

5.3.1. Google Docs is the equivalent of Microsoft Office. Only difference is everything is saved on the cloud and is readily available and able to send to anyone

6. Mobile   Organization

6.1. Activity Scheduler

6.1.1. Activity Scheduler is a nice way for athletic directors and staff to get reminder updates of daily events. There are plenty of moving parts in an athletic department and this helps put them together

6.2. Team App

6.2.1. Team App allows for coaches and managers to give information quickly to their team. You can put schedules, dues and even talk through the app

6.3. Post It Plus

6.3.1. Post It Plus gives and easy avenue to coaches who like to take plenty of notes. Instead of carrying around a notebook or binder this is a simple way to keep notes

7. Web 2.0 Video

7.1. Hudl

7.1.1. Hudl allows a coach or Sports Information Director to upload film for a sport for the coach and players to watch. A coach can put changes on Hudl for players to watch immediately

7.2. Youtube

7.2.1. Youtube is a great tool for recruits to send videos to a mass amount of coaches. Uploading film to Youtube allows and an easy access to coaches to rate a players film

8. Web 2.0 Communication

8.1. Facebook

8.1.1. Facebook is a great way to connect with people over a period of generations. This PLN lets you connect with not only people you few grew up with but also creating a professional Facebook as an administrator to connect with students

8.2. Grades First

8.2.1. Grades First helps you to connect with students and teachers to get the most out a students academics. This tool sends up dates to students not doing well in their class to get immediate attention. Not just at midterms or finals

8.3. LinkedIn

8.3.1. LinkedIn is a professional Facebook. None of the social aspects of Facebook but all of the professional setting. LinkedIn helps professionals find jobs or employees

8.4. FieldLevel

8.4.1. FieldLevel is a LinkedIn for coaches. This allows to connect with other coaches and share information on players. I mostly connect with high school and junior college coaches who send me recruits or I send them information