American Dad!/ Family Ties

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American Dad!/ Family Ties by Mind Map: American Dad!/ Family Ties

1. Example of Gender Roles in AD:

1.1. Husband is portrayed as the powerful, earning head of the household and housework is mostly imparted to the wife.

1.2. Older sister has interest in feminist ideals, does not have a job for the sake of school. The younger son is in high school and is expected to be successful breadwinner as an adult.

2. Example of Gender Roles in FT:

2.1. The show focuses more on traditional gender roles than most modern comedies, having taken place more than 30 years ago. Alex's sister Mallory has to deal with many plot scenarios that centered around a young woman's adolescence specifically.

2.2. The mother, Elyse has taken a hiatus from her career to raise her children, but when she returns to the workforce she finds herself unprepared, a situation that was common for many childbearing mothers with fulltime careers.

3. Example of Social Class in AD:

3.1. American Dad illustrates days in the life of a middle class American family. The younger son is attending high school, and the eldest daughter is attending college indicating financial stability and independent earning. (No welfare, food stamps, or other programs).

3.2. The family has consistent outfits, Francine in a dress and Stan in a blue suit. This shows that the family is not resorting to desperate measures as a result of extreme poverty,

4. Example of Social Class in FT:

4.1. Family Ties focuses on a middle class family in the suburbs, the parents of the son and daughter were raised with liberal mindsets but by the time show was finished airing the son alex is on his way to a very promising dream career, perhaps more lucrative than his parents. This shift in conservative values highlights the difference in generational thinking.

4.2. Many of the characters in this sitcom are well dressed. The adults own vehicles and are productive members of society, solidifying their spot in the middle class.

5. Example of Parenting Roles in AD:

5.1. Both parents are involved with their children's lives in different ways. The father adopts the "involved father" ideal and the mother is very sympathetic towards the wants and needs of the children. Disciplining is usually imparted to the father.

5.2. Father is involved as much as possible for sensitive events in the children's lives but most personal advice talks or candid discussions are had with the mother.

6. Example of Parenting Roles in FT:

6.1. Both parents in this sitcom do equal to similar amounts of parenting, even extending out of their comfort zone. In one episode the house is robbed and the parents purchase a gun for protection despite their previously held beliefs.

6.2. The mother is easily identifiable as a strong figure for disciplining her children, going to great lengths to make sure the kids do not put themselves in unfavorable positions.

7. Example of Race/Ethinicity in AD:

7.1. The characters in this sitcom are mostly Caucasian. The mother's extended family is of Asian decent and episodes that highlight interfamily struggles usually involve the extended set of family members.

7.2. Neighbors of Stan and Francine are a Muslim family and several early episodes highlighted the racial dynamics between two different cultures. These episodes aired while the war in Iraq was ongoing and it was relevant for the time period.

8. Example of Race/Ethnicity in FT:

8.1. The Keaton family has a strong set of moral beliefs and when new African American neighbors move to the neighborhood they are all disgusted to see how they are treated. Two entire episodes were devoted to counteracting racist attitudes in their community.

8.2. Characters in this show were raised with accepting attitudes. Though encounters with outside cultures are slim, the show always emphasizes that differences in culture are acceptable and okay to discuss openly.