What to Look for in a Quality Early Childhood Education Program

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What to Look for in a Quality Early Childhood Education Program by Mind Map: What to Look for in a Quality Early Childhood Education Program

1. Low Ratio:

1.1. Teachers are able to work one on one to meet the child's individual needs. Creates a nurturing environment from the relationships built.

2. Technology

2.1. Technology is readily available.  Technology enhances the quality of teaching in a classroom.  It implements another tool that teachers can use in their classroom to teach a lesson to kinesthics learners, visual learners and others.

3. Highly Qualified Teachers

3.1. Teacher are familiar with the curriculum and apply it within their classroom.  They maximize to meet the students needs and ensure they are receive quality education.  teachers Participate in on going professional development.

4. Personalized Education

4.1. Teachers create lessons to cater to the individual needs of the child.  Meet the children where they are academically to help enhance and encourage them to be successful.

5. Age Appropriate Activities

5.1. Peer teaching will present.  Activities will help promote all development domains.

6. Opportunities for Parental Involvement

6.1. News letters will be sent on to keep parents update.  Festivals, family night and other activities will allow measures for open dialogue among the stakeholders in the child's education.

7. Safe and Secure Environment

7.1. Classroom is design to be child friendly.  Students have open access to academic resources and supplies throughout the classroom.  They can move about the classroom without injury.

8. Positive Reinforcement

8.1. Positive reinforcement encourages students to self redirect.  It also teachers higher level thinking skills of what the consequences for their actions will be.

9. Nurturing Environment

9.1. In this environment, the teachers model caring for the students.  In turn, the students demonstrate care for each other.

10. Low teacher turnover rate

10.1. This is a strong indicator that teachers needs are being met both professionally and personally.  Teachers tend to stick around when they have a passion for their children and program.