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1.1. Foundations from the Stoic and Epicurean philosophers of ancient Greece

1.2. Modern Secular Humanism started during the Renaissance in the 14th to seventeenth centuries

1.3. During the Enlightenment in 18th century, God was de-emphasized resulted to a type of Deism - God was not involved in the affairs of men

1.4. In 19th century, Deism led to Naturalism - threw God out altogether

1.5. At the end of 19th century, publication of Charles Darwin's On The Origin of Species, Naturalistic science declared that humanity's origin was completely natural

1.6. In 20th century, Humanism classified as non-theistic religion

1.7. In 1933, the Humanist Manifesto 1 was drafted but their dream was shattered by the events of WWII and its aftermath. However, the Naturalism continued to spread

1.8. In 1973, another attempt to define humanist model was attempted with more aggressive resulted in Secular Humanist Manifesto 11

1.9. In 2003, the publication Humanist Manifesto 111


2.1. One World

2.1.1. Achieve world community

2.1.2. One world government - without national borders and different state policies

2.1.3. Try to eradicate Christians symbols and content from public square

2.2. Evolution

2.2.1. Julian Huxley - 'man...his mind and his body were not supernaturally created but are all products of evolution'

2.2.2. Example : Darwinsm

2.3. Sexual Freedom

2.3.1. Freedom of any sexuality are allowed

2.3.2. Examples : Same sex marriage and sex with many partners

2.3.3. Right to abortion, euthanasia and suicide

2.4. Education

2.4.1. Essential for all people especially children and young adults

2.4.2. Support education from schools Moral values Intelligence and academic Characters' building

2.4.3. Support the education from schools

2.4.4. Reject implementation of religious creed before matured


3.1. Education

3.1.1. Does not emphasis on the teachings of revealation

3.1.2. Children lack of revealed knowledge

3.2. Government

3.2.1. One world government will cause chaos

3.2.2. Freely moving from states to states

3.2.3. No authorities


4.1. An outgrowth of eighteenth century enlightenment rationalism and nineteenth century free thought

4.2. Consists of unaffiliated academic philosophers and scientists

4.3. 1952 : The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) - with symbol of 'Happy Human'

5. Definition

5.1. 1. Secular : World or things not spiritual or sacred

5.2. 2. Humanism : System of thoughts or action concerned with peoples' interests or ideals

5.3. 3. Secular Humanism : Any set of beliefs that promotes human values without specific allusion to religious doctrines. It is a philosophy of reason and science in the pursuit of knowledge


6.1. Religious Belief

6.1.1. Do not believe in revealed religious and supernatural

6.1.2. Do not worship of superhuman controlling power - God

6.1.3. Embraces human reason and intellectual - Observations and experiments

6.2. Morality

6.2.1. The ideal of moral freedom Oppose any types of totalitarianism Freedom from religious control Freedom from jingoistic government Respect the rights of minority Rights to protect life Rights for liberty Rights to pursuit the happiness

6.2.2. Free inquiry Every man have their rights for their freedom Oppose any tyranny over the mind of man or force that oppose free thoughts Tolerate the diversity of opinion of other people In the past, people ruled by churches - Attempted to censor inquiry Established institutions attempted to censor inquiry

6.2.3. Reason Committed to the use of rational methods of inquiry, logic and evidences Allow modification of principles Human make mistakes so need for constant correction Reason give major contribution to human knowledge and benefits to humankind Supported by sciences and techology Most reliable to understand the world Can be seen by the evidences and proofs Not supernatural or unseen