Deixis & Cohesion

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Deixis & Cohesion by Mind Map: Deixis & Cohesion

1. implied grammatical link btw textual units.It works with related elements

1.1. Referential cohesion: use pronouns, comparatives/demonstrative connections btw 2 sentences of a given text

1.2. Elliptical cohesion: based on an absence rather than presence.Word present semantically bur textually absent

1.3. Conjunctive cohesion: aim to make inter sentential connection easy

1.3.1. additive: eg=AND

1.3.2. adversative: eg= BUT

1.3.3. Causal eg: THEREFORE

1.3.4. Temporal eg=THEN

1.4. Lexical cohesion: use of words that are connected to a specific referential context

1.4.1. Identity :repetition of same word

1.4.2. Synonymy: close meaning e.g.: The Queen herself held up or the Queen unable to pass

1.4.3. Antonymy: opposite meaning

1.4.4. Hierarchical relationships : e.g. the Queen /the Prince

2. Refers to the way in which a text encodes spatial & temporal relations btw objects,characters

2.1. Place deixis

2.2. time deixis

2.3. Person deixis: mediated through personal pronouns

2.4. Social deixis: regulate social distance btw characters

2.5. Empathic deixis: degree of closeness/distance

2.6. Involve pointing to a person , place or time rather than naming that person, place& time   e.g.: "I, you, there,when & then"

3. 2 types of deixis:

3.1. Anaphora:refers back to something in the co-text

3.2. Cataphora: refer forward to something