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6th Grade Math by Mind Map: 6th Grade Math
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6th Grade Math

Whole Numbers

1 week

Add whole numbers

Subtract whole numbers

Multiply whole numbers

Divide whole numbers


Order and compare decimals

Add decimals

Subtract decimals

Multiply decimals

Divide decimal by whole number

Model decimals

Estimate and round decimals

Decimals on a number line

Place value


Model and compare fractions

Simplifying fractions

Add and subtract fractions

Convert mixed numbers to improper fractions

Add and subtract mixed numbers

Equivalent fractions

Convert improper fractions to mixed numbers


Convert fractions, decimals, and percents

Experimental and theoretical probability

Tree diagrams


Perimeter and Area

Classify triangles




Frequency tables

Bar graphs

Line graphs


Median, mode, and range


Arithmetic and geometric patterns

Write a rule for a pattern

Graphing a pattern

Order of Operations

4th Quarter

Multiply Fractions

Divide Fractions

Area of Circles

Circumference of Circles

Multiply Mixed Numbers

Divide Mixed Numbers

Add Integers

Subtract Integers

Multiply/Divide Integers