Air Conditioning System

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Air Conditioning System by Mind Map: Air Conditioning System

1. Flow Sensors

1.1. Flow sensors are designed for contact measurement of flow rate of gaseous media. Flow switches are designed for switching on load when air flow set value has been achieved

1.1.1. SNP

2. Control

2.1. Controls are specific activities performed by systems designed to ensure that objectives are met.

2.1.1. Employee

2.1.2. Employee

3. Monitoring

3.1. observe and check the progress over a period of time; to keep under systematic watch.

3.1.1. Employee

3.1.2. Employee

3.2. Monitering devices:

3.2.1. Sensors A sensor is used to measure or sense an environment and convert this information into a digital or analogue data signal that can be interpreted by a computer or an observer.

3.3. types of sensors:

3.3.1. Measurement of temperature in a room Measurement of temperature of return water Humidity sensor

4. Measurement of temperature in a room

4.1. The stated sensors can have resistance, current, digital, frequency output. All sensors offer the possibility of casing two sensors and casing non-standard temperature sensors.

4.1.1. S 110

5. Humidity Sensors

5.1. These sensors are used where it is necessary to prevent any condensation on surfaces, condensation on critical places of the equipment or in buildings

5.1.1. PTSV110

6. Temperature Sensor

6.1. The thermal response of a temperature sensor is the speed at which it responds to a sudden change in temperature.

6.1.1. Thermocouple Thermostat