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1. will + v (infinitive)

2. will

2.1. predication

2.2. snap desition

2.2.1. I will go to the party.

2.3. offer

2.3.1. I will help you.

2.4. promise

2.4.1. I will call you when i arrive .

3. be going to

3.1. plan

3.1.1. I am going to study France next semester.

3.2. intanation

3.2.1. He is going to met you tomorrow

3.3. predication

3.3.1. He is going to pass the exam.

4. Difintion

4.1. The simple future tens :

4.1.1. Is used for indicating those actions that we think will happen in the future : in other word we predict the future .