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Jesus by Mind Map: Jesus

1. Son of god

1.1. flesh form of god

1.2. Jesus was born human but still totally divine

1.3. inform people about the end

2. Prophet

2.1. messenger of god

2.2. spread the word of god

2.3. he was sent by god to show them that god cared about them

2.4. fulfilling his prophecy

3. Messiah

3.1. he was destined to save and protect

3.2. power was given by god

3.3. was sent to destroy evil

3.4. to liberate the jews from their conquers

4. He was a nice guy

4.1. he preformed mericals

4.2. he wanted to help people

4.3. he loved everyone

4.4. being equal with one another

5. His mission

5.1. he chose 12 disciples from 12 different groups

5.2. he told many parables

5.3. peaceful revolution

5.4. died for our sins

5.5. teach about love, forgiveness,  equality, and compassion

5.6. uniting us as one

5.7. healing of the sick