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Conflict by Mind Map: Conflict

1. Racial

1.1. Local Conflict

1.2. -Sep. 27, 2016 El Cajon police shot a man who was perceived as being a menace, and was later discovered to be unarmed. The name of the victim who was allegedly mentally challenged was Alfred Olango.

1.3. Regional/ National Conflict

2. Resource Driven

2.1. Local Conflict

2.2. Resource Conflict in Africa Oil and Diamonds -Many armed encounter between one another these being local residents, dissident people, and the military and police -The fighting has claimed many lives and sporadically disrupted the country’s main export sector -Diamond mine in northern Africa, in town of Seguela controlled by a rebel faction has been smuggling from the mine to help fund purchases of firearms - Both oil and diamond mines have played a negative role in the most bloodiest war in Africa

2.3. ISIS -ISIS militants are selling oil from their conquered territories, further fueling tensions in the region. This has caused uncertainty on the world market, but could also lead to a drop in global oil prices -ISIS has been making substantial and rapid progress in their conquest of major city Syrian oil fields -with an Iraqi oil field captured at the end of June, the militants have taken control of wide development areas on both sides of the Syria-Iraq border

3. Ideological

3.1. Cuban Missile Crisis -October 1962 - between U.S. and the Soviet Union during the Cold War -when two superpowers came closest to a nuclear war -Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev reached a secret agreement with Fidel Castro to place nuclear missiles to Cuba

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5. Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. - This bill affected every single African American in the US -The effect of the civil rights was a conflict for all African Americans causing them to riot and march for their rights as an American citizen -This was not just a conflict for African Americans but whites as well because they believed that they do not deserve the rights that they have

6. Religion /Ethnic

6.1. Global Conflict

6.2. World War II -World war II was caused by Hitler but because his belief in Jews and their religion caused him to hate them and use them as a scapegoat on Germany’s economic depression -This affected the world globally because everyone was involved because Hitler wanted to be in control of everyone and everything so everyone was trying to help each other conquer this problem and unite as one

6.3. Reginal Conflict

6.4. Syrian Refugees 4 Conflicts 1.) Uprising turns violent: started with the torture of some teenagers who painted slogans on a school wall (revolutionary slogans) 2.)Descent into Civil War: violence escalated and the government descended into a civil war rebel brigades formed to battle government forces to control cities 3.) War Crimes: UN has evidence that all parties to the conflict have committed war crimes including; murder,torture, rape, and enforced disappearances 4.) Humanitarian Crisis: More than 4.5 million people have fled Syria since the conflict had begun mostly being women and children

7. Class/ Economic

7.1. Latin America -economy has been depressed for half of 2016 -the growth in economy is expected to get lower -unemployment is is rising rapidly - Brazil's economy has shrunk by 3.8% -currency has lost value by 24%