Math Mission Impossible Grade 4-6 Math/PE unit

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Math Mission Impossible Grade 4-6 Math/PE unit by Mind Map: Math Mission Impossible Grade 4-6 Math/PE unit

1. Rank: MEGAMIND level 4 (technology training) must have completed level 3.                         Complete for 200XP

1.1. Reward: X2

1.1.1. THE FIRST team to complete all of the quests in this level will earn 2X the amount of dodgeballs during level 5, to be used for the  team tactical games coming up in level 5.

1.2. Quests:                                                                    -each team member must complete the individual challenge quest using the laptops/Ipads.                    -complete 2 of the iPad math puzzles.                         -solve the math problems to play a giant game of checkers against one other team. (correct answers earn you a move on the checkerboard).                      ATTENTION: ONLY the first team to complete all of the quests in this level will receive the X2 award.

2. Rank: TOP FACTION level 5 (team tactical games) must have completed level 4.       Complete for 200XP

2.1. Reward: Swing Vote

2.1.1. Your team will have the power to vote twice for the Ultimate Quest in level 6.

2.2. Quests:                                                                     -solve the math problems to earn dodge balls that will be used in the team games during this level. Each correct answer gets your team one dodge ball, wrong answers take them away!                       -mini secret agent themed invading games tournament with all the teams, winning team gets the Swing Vote award.

3. Rank: SECRET AGENT level 6 (extreme quest building) must have completed level 5.                  Complete for 200XP

3.1. Reward: Ultimate Quest

3.1.1. The team with the most votes will be able to double their entire XP earned so far.

3.2. Quests:                                               -Create a quest for another team to complete, try and make it as engaging as possible as teams will vote for their favorite quest and the reward for this one is a game changer, your quest must include math review.                     -Complete all of the other team's quests.

4. Rank: GREEN BACK level 1 (basic training) complete for 100XP

4.1. Reward: Bonus XP

4.1.1. Teams that complete all of the quests in this level will receive double the XP for level 1.

4.2. Quests:                                                                -make up a team name and individual code names and fill out the name tags. Assign a captain that will come to me with any questions/issues your group may have during Math Mission Impossible.                                -solve one of the formulas and use the movement legend to see which movements represent the answer to the problem, make a video of some of your team members performing the answer. (each number will correspond to a move like a summersault etc.).  -solve the other 2 formulas and make a video of those answer performances as well (each team member must be in at least one of the videos).

5. Rank: SHARPSHOOTER level 2 (target practice) must have completed level 1                      Complete for 150XP

5.1. Reward: Eagle Eyes

5.1.1. Teams that complete all of the quests in this level will be able to remove the blindfolds of 3 of their team members during a difficult challenge coming up in level 3.

5.2. Quests:                                                                 - solve 2 of the math problem on paper, then teams compete in timed accuracy games where they shoot at targets to show their answers (shoot at the numbers in the order you have written), double check all answers prior to trying the game, wrong answers will give negative points! teams that reach 5 points can complete this quest.                                                              -Solve all 5 of the problems and shoot the targets for those answers to earn the Eagle Eyes award.

6. Rank: NINJA level 3   (balance and agility) must have completed level 2.                   Complete for 150XP

6.1. Reward: Power Up

6.1.1. Teams that complete all of the quests in this level will be able to team up in pairs for the individual math challenges coming up in level 4.

6.2. Quests:                                                               - Use the paper to solve the math problems, follow your answer to the appropriate door (as a team, VERBALLY guide each blindfolded team member individually through the course to the appropriate door-IF THEY TOUCH A LAZER THEY NEED TO RESTART. Wrong answers need to be led back through the course to go to the other doors.                                                                        -There will be four different types of formulas, each team must solve 2 (do all four to receive the Power Up bonus).