Dell's supply chain

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Dell's supply chain by Mind Map: Dell's supply chain

1. Dell's production system

1.1. parts

1.1.1. Supplier logistics center Surrounding every Dell factory in the world Owned by different suppliers Staging areas

1.2. Assembly

1.2.1. Dell notebook factory Malaysia Ireland China Brazil Tennesee Texas

1.3. Packaging

1.3.1. Placed in protective foam label order number tracking code system type shipping code

1.3.2. Loaded on pallet

2. Delivery

2.1. 4 Days after order

2.2. Charter

2.2.1. Plane

3. Sales

3.1. Contact

3.1.1. Telephone

3.1.2. Website

3.2. Dell's order management system

3.2.1. type

3.2.2. special features

3.2.3. personal information

3.2.4. shipping adress

3.2.5. billing adress

3.2.6. credit card information

4. Strategy: Just in time

4.1. Operating with low inventory levels, relying on its supply chain to deliver the parts it needs.