Power Grid

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Power Grid by Mind Map: Power Grid

1. Monitors the consumption of power of an area or a place and cut it off when its consumption is over 100% of the power capacity for more than 10s to protect the whole power system. External systems that receives excess energy produced and give the energy back when power generating plants stop working and the supply cannot meet the demand. Shuts off all working plants and devices when external systems are not connected to protect them from excess power supply.

2. Smart Grid

2.1. Use censors and computer controlled programs to notify both users and company of any changes to the power system, say a damaged power line or the power cost at a specific time. This helps reduce the impact of blackout and users can manage power usage better. Saving money and the precious fuels.

3. Grid Engineers

3.1. Monitor and manage the number of power stations online to ensure the correct amount of power is produced to guarantee that cities and facilities can function.

4. National grid is made up of : Power Stations Transformer Stations Transmission lines

4.1. It is possible for every household to have a private powerplant. But to prevent issues like lack of wind or sun when power is needed, or a failure in the plant, every household nation-wide can connect their power plants together. It thus reduces of possibility of lack in power generation and excess power consumption at a specific time.

4.2. National grids of neighboring countries are connected to generate and supply power to users on a certain perimeter. The grid should be highly reliable as any faults may be costly and dangerous.

4.3. However, there is a certain risk in connecting all the plants and users together. It may lead to a chain reaction of breakdown in parts of the system, and requires external power source to restart the system, which is extremely troublesome.

5. Done by: David Li Wang Jia Rui Zhang Jie