Important events  of Louis XIV

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Important events  of Louis XIV by Mind Map: Important events  of Louis XIV

1. He used the Palace of Versailles to centralise his government and gather all nobles besides him to remove the possibility of them rebelling against him.

2. A huge evidence that Louis XIV was an absolute monarch is when he said: “ I have no intention of sharing my authority”.

3. Arts

3.1. Louis XIV supported art which was a big deal back than and displayed his power and glory through those paintings.

3.2. He also created the French academy of Arts and Sciences and that is still running today.

3.3. Palace of Versailles was also one of his biggest achievements that symbolises his power.

3.4. Hall of Mirrors which is constructed in the Palace of Versailles, is one of the most iconic places in the palace that people still visit today.

3.5. He took pride of decorating his country and styling it in the most luxurious ways.

3.6. Chose arts over politics, which can be seen through french ancient buildings and, noble palaces, and gardens.

4. Louis XIV was considered as one of the most successful absolute ruler in the 17th century where France was the most powerful country back then.

5. He accomplished absolutism by centralising his government and by removing the powers from all nobles as he also declared the idea of having a prime minister like Henry IV and Louis XIII and ruled France by his own.

6. Economy/Finance

6.1. The failure of uniting with Spain announced the falling of France.Yet Louis XIV made the economy of France stable and in an excellent condition as he exported more than he imported which increased the revenue to the country and made their economy rise.

6.2. Although Louis XIV earned the throne at the age of four, Cardinal Mazarin was his financial advisor.

6.3. Louis XIV took personal control on the country and the government while relying on Jean Colbert on financial issues

6.4. A deflect struck due to the trading of sliver and gold from the Dutch Republic.

6.5. Correcting and organizing the tax system fixed those issues. and the amount of taxes was raised , which caused France’s debt to drop by over 50 million lives.

6.6. Without the help of the two stated financial advisors Louis XIV would have not reached this success in his economy.

7. Wars

7.1. War of the Grand Alliance (1689-1697)

7.1.1. By this War it was predicted that France is going to be the new occupant of the Spanish throne.

7.1.2. The Habsburg’s fought over it as the Roman Emperor Leopold stated that he knew what Louis XIV was up to.

7.1.3. Austria’s Leopolds formed the Grand Alliance( England, Spain, and the Netherlands)

7.1.4. Louis the XIV overtook the alliance easily

7.1.5. During the end of the war Louis XIV signed a peace treaty, but it failed in 1701, and this only started a bigger war which war over the Spanish succession.

7.2. War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714)

7.2.1. It announced the end of the French empire and Louis XIV

7.2.2. After the death of Charles II the Austrians were preparing a war against France.

7.2.3. Each of them is fighting on the behalf of grandson son who is not the next succession to the French or Austrian throne.

7.2.4. Each side is trying to control spanish territories.

7.2.5. The following years carry some of peace negotiations between both sides.

7.2.6. During Louis XIV live nothing changed due to his empire, but after his death Charles VI was placed on the Spanish throne. He agrees to a treaty with other European powers in 1714.

7.2.7. Trying to unite Spain and France only threatened France and pulled it down while letting other empires to glow.