Testicular CA

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Testicular CA by Mind Map: Testicular CA

1. Primary Neoplasms

1.1. Germ Cell Tumors

1.1.1. Seminomas Classic Seminomas MARKERS HISTOLOGY AGE 40-50 y/o Most common malignant testicular tumor Spermatocytic Seminomas HISTOLOGY AGE > 65 y/o

1.1.2. Non-Seminomas Embryonal Carcinoma MARKERS DERIVATIVE HISTOLOGY AGE 20-30 y/o More aggressive than seminomas Teratomas Immature Teratomas Mature Teratomas Malignant Transformations DERIVATIVE ANY AGE Choriocarcinoma MARKERS DERIVATIVE HISTOLOGY Yolk Sac Tumor MARKERS DERIVATIVE HISTOLOGY CHILDREN < 3 y/o

1.2. Sex Cord Stromal Tumors

1.2.1. Leydig Cell Tumors HISTOLOGY Leydig Cells- Reinke crystals PRESENTS WITH Endocrine Sx

1.2.2. Sertoli Cell Tumors HISTOLOGY Cords resembling seminiferous tubules PRESENTS WITH Estrogen Sx Gynecomastia and Impotence

1.2.3. MARKERS Inhibin

2. Secondary Neoplasms

2.1. Testicular Lymphoma

2.1.1. HISTOLOGY CD20+ B Cells

2.1.2. AGE >65 y/o

3. Precursor Neoplasms

3.1. Intratubular Germ Cell Neoplasia (ITGCN)