EMC Testing

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EMC Testing by Mind Map: EMC Testing

1. Emission Tests

1.1. Radiated Emission

1.1.1. 1S 300A With HID Monday/ Tuesday (Use this for baseline and comparison) Baseline New UI Thursday/Friday(Repeat with new glass)

1.1.2. TSX500A Monday / Tuesday New UI Baseline Thursday / Friday(Repeat with new glass)

1.1.3. TSX700A Wednesday with new glass with optimized incorporation

1.2. Conducted Emission

1.2.1. TSX700A Monday Run with filter or without If failed without

1.2.2. TSX500A Wednesday Repeat without transformer and with (Requires   TSX loopback) Test different ground topologies to see if it helps

1.2.3. 1S 300A With HID Wednesday (Run with filter and without)

1.3. Limits of Harmonics of Emission (Flicker Test)

1.3.1. TSX700A Monday (run this test)

1.3.2. TSX500A Wednesday (Run this test)

1.3.3. 1S 300A With HID Wednesday (Run this test)

2. Immunity Tests

2.1. Electrostatic Discharge

2.1.1. TSX700A Thursday

2.1.2. TSX500A Wednesday

2.1.3. 1S 300A With HID Wednesday

2.2. Radiated Immunity

2.2.1. TSX700A Thursday

2.2.2. TSX500A Wednesday

2.2.3. 1S 300A With HID Wednesday

2.3. Electrical Fast Transients

2.3.1. TSX700A Monday

2.3.2. TSX500A Wednesday

2.3.3. 1S 300A With HID Wednesday

2.4. Surge Immunity

2.4.1. TSX700A Thursday

2.4.2. TSX500A Wednesday

2.4.3. 1S 300A With HID Wednesday

2.5. Conducted Immunity

2.5.1. TSX700A Monday

2.5.2. TSX500A Wednesday

2.5.3. 1S 300A With HID Wednesday

2.6. Power Frequency and magnetic fields

2.6.1. TSX700A Monday

2.6.2. TSX500A Wednesday

2.6.3. 1S 300A With HID Wednesday

2.7. Voltage dips and interruptions

2.7.1. TSX700A Monday

2.7.2. TSX500A Wednesday

2.7.3. 1S 300A With HID Wednesday