CRP 2.4 Planning a Presentation

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CRP 2.4 Planning a Presentation by Mind Map: CRP 2.4 Planning a Presentation

1. Future self

1.1. what imakes me unique and makes me the perfect person for this

1.1.1. I have a love for the industry that has been there since I was a child. I also have an understanding of what the trends in cinema as well as different media are, and more then that understand how important it is to get people who want to work hard towards this together to help me. if I dont know it I can find someone that does know the subject and i can get them to work with me.

1.2. how will i change and impact my industry

1.2.1. i plan to make a huge change in the way we look at traditional media. we longer live in a time were studios are needed to make productions happen. This is already starting to be seen but I believe i can bring a truly independent company that not only brings commercial products in inovative ways but also helps creatives get thier vision out to the world.

1.3. hardware and software skills

1.3.1. the use of hardware like cameras and lighting sets as well as editing software like adobe premiere or final cut pro will be essential to having possible employers or customers trust me with thier projects.

1.4. degree

1.5. unique interest

1.6. potential projects, goals, and internships to make me more qualified

2. Message

2.1. what is my goal with this presentation

2.1.1. my goal is to show the need for a completely independent production company that will be family run and approache mass media creation in a modern way. I want to achieve this while still carrieng on a buisiness and producing quality products.  my Goal is to show investors and producers and artists that is possible to mix artistic integrity and love for an art with buisiness. To show that a small studio can now achieve the same things big studios can achieve, and that we do not need to look at media creation and distribution like we always have.

2.2. how do i hope to impact my audience

2.2.1. I hope to show my audience that they can trust and invest in a company that will be family run to create ads be it print or video or audio. to show them that passion and knowledge combined can create a company that will alow for more creativity in the workplace and for the media industry to move forward with how modern creatives operate. i hope to impact them by showing them that media no longer needs to be aproached in a traditional sense and that big studios are not needed tro create ads or to create albums or movies etc.

2.3. call to action

3. Star Moment

4. Target Audience

4.1. who will i be speaking to

4.1.1. Producers producers of content will be able to grant me acess to film or video projects and they will be essential in getting media projects made in an independent company

4.1.2. writers writers with content to make will be essential in having scripts and convincing them to bring thier creative ideas to my company for production will decide how much more work we have to do.

4.1.3. companies we will need to convince companies to take a chance on a home brewed family media production company. these will be the so called "bread and butter" allowing for more creative projects to be made

4.1.4. artists we will need to attract artists to work with us. this could be graphic designers or photographer, even directors and cinematographers. these will be the people who help the company make the great projects we plan to make

4.2. what kind of things are they looking for

4.3. what would impress them in skills or knowledge

4.3.1. shooting

4.3.2. writing

4.3.3. planning

4.3.4. management

4.4. how can i relate to them

4.4.1. show them a true interest in the industry

4.4.2. show passion for providing a 100% independent way if producing videos advertisements and other types of media

4.4.3. show knowledge of the industry both in buisiness and in trends

4.5. what is important for them to hear from me

4.5.1. it is important for investor and possible artists to hear a true knowledge and a well fleshed out plan for how i am going to achieve my goals. they do not want only an idea or a passion but a knowledge of what it will take to achieve all of that.

5. Presentation flow

5.1. begining

5.1.1. i will start by speaking about my love for media and speaking about how i began to feel that this was a industry i needed to be a part of.

5.1.2. talk about growing up watching tv and movies and learning to speak english from shows like MMPR or from movies. then speak about how i began to make videos for promotional purposes as well as for fun with my classmates in highschool.

5.2. middle

5.2.1. Speak about joining the army and beging my professional love for media. my first camera and first times charging people for videos and photos. then talk about my education talk about how fullsail was always a dream and a passion for me and how much i was able to learn from the classes and how it has prepared me for starting a media company

5.3. ending

5.3.1. end by talking about how i plan to make a better media company something that will change how we view modern media and how we distribute movies and books and photography