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Home Page (page with news) by Mind Map: Home Page (page with news)

1. About

1.1. About Your ESC

1.2. Directions to Tri-County ESC Content Page

1.3. ESC Partners Content Page

1.3.1. ADD: Tami Spotts / Coordination (non-ESC)

1.3.2. ADD: 21st Century (non-ESC)

1.4. Superintendent's Message Content Page

1.5. Governing Board Content Page

1.6. About Us Content Page

2. ESC Services (page)

2.1. Grant Opportunities Content Page

2.2. Fiscal Services Content Page

2.3. Recruitment and Training Content Page

2.4. Administrative Search Content Page

2.5. Printing Services Content Page

2.6. Wayne County Truancy Forms Content Page

2.7. 2010 Wayne County Fair Educator

2.8. Employment Services Content Page

2.9. Fingerprinting Services

3. Spec Ed (page)

3.1. Preschool Services (link out)

3.2. K-12 Programs Content Page

3.3. Emotional Disturbance Classroom Content Page

3.4. Special Education Consultant Services Content Page

3.5. Speech/Language Therapy Services Content Page

3.6. Work-Study Services Content Page

3.7. Help Me Grow Content Page

3.8. DELETE: Secret to Teen Health, Happiness: Sport News Story

3.9. ODE mandates tools for progress monitoring for pre Content Page

3.10. Links and Resources

3.11. CREATE: School Psychology

3.12. Resources for Families (link)

4. Intranet (page with news)

4.1. Employee Handbook Content Page

4.2. Resources Content Page

4.3. Policies and Procedures Content Page

4.4. Board Meetings Content Page

4.5. SELF FUNDED PLAN Content Page

4.6. December Board Summary 2009 Content Page

4.7. January Retreat Video Gallery

4.8. School Directory Content Page

4.9. Links and Forms Content Page

5. Students and Families (page with news)

5.1. The Arts (REPLACES: Fine Arts Programs for Students)

5.1.1. Children's Chorus Content Page

5.1.2. Amahl and the Night Visitors Content Page Amahl and the Night Visitors: Resources Content Page

5.1.3. Holmes County Celebration of the Arts Content Page

5.1.4. Wayne County High School Play Festival Content Page

5.1.5. Wayne County Blue Ribbon Art Exhibit Content Page

5.1.6. Tri-County Honors Band Content Page

5.1.7. Children's Symphony Concert Content Page

5.1.8. Wayne County Junior High School Art Exhibit Content Page

5.1.9. Wayne County Festival of Choirs Content Page

5.1.10. Wayne County Bandarama Content Page

5.1.11. Wayne County High School Art Exhibit Content Page

5.1.12. Solo and Ensemble Festival Content Page

5.1.13. Showcase for the Visual Arts - Recurring News

5.1.14. Rotating Elementary Art Exhibits - Recurring News

5.1.15. Fine Arts Department (link)

5.1.16. Project Partnership Content Page

5.2. Enrichment Learning (FORMERLY Gifted/Talented)

5.2.1. Young Authors' Conference Content Page

5.2.2. Math Enrichment Content Page

5.2.3. Academic, Junior and Senior Challenge Content Page

5.2.4. Marine Biology Content Page

5.2.5. Primary Day Content Page

5.2.6. Enrichment Academy Content Page

5.2.7. 2009 Spring Enrichment Program Content Page

5.2.8. American Government Content Page

5.2.9. Western Field Studies

5.2.10. Gifted and Talented Department (link)

5.3. Spelling Bee Content Page

5.4. Help Me Grow (link)

5.5. Special Ed (Families)

5.5.1. Disability Definitions Content Page

5.5.2. CREATE: Parent Mentor

5.5.3. List of Frequently Used Acronyms Content Page

5.5.4. Questions and Answers for Parents Content Page

5.5.5. Department (Link?)

5.5.6. Whose IDEA is this? Resources

5.6. School and coursework (link)

6. Schools and Coursework (page)

6.1. Preschool Content Page

6.1.1. Preschool Referral Information Content Page

6.1.2. Registration Fee/Tuition Payments Content Page

6.1.3. Tri-County Preschools Content Page

6.1.4. Preschool Site Locations Content Page

6.1.5. Special Ed (link)

6.2. Virtual Learning Academy Content Page

6.3. Wayne County Discipline Center Content Page

6.4. Ashland County Community Academy Content Page

6.5. International Baccalaureate Content Page

6.6. VLA Summer School Content Page

6.7. Partner Districts (link)

6.8. Home Schooling

7. Educators (page [news?])

7.1. American History News Story

7.2. Curriculum and Instruction

7.3. DELETE: Embracing our Differences Ohio News Story

7.4. Embracing Our Differences Ohio Content Page

7.4.1. Embracing Our Differences Ohio Content Page

7.5. Fine Arts (Services) Content Page

7.6. Gifted and Talented (Services) Content Page

7.7. Instructional Technology Content Page

7.8. Course of Study / Curriculum Cycles Content Page

7.9. Student/Parent Handbooks Content Page

7.10. Professional Development (page)

7.10.1. PD Programs Content Page

7.10.2. Want to be an Instructional Aide? News Story

7.10.3. ESC Partners with Teachscape to Offer Online PD News Story

7.10.4. ESC Partners with Teachscape to offer Online PD Content Page

7.10.5. ESC Partners with Teachscape to offer online PD

7.10.6. Links and Resources Content Page

7.10.7. Educational Impact Content Page

7.11. Resources & Professional Library Content Page

7.12. Links and Resources Content Page

7.13. PERRP/Safety/Bullying (external links)

8. Employment (menu only?)

8.1. Employment Opportunities Content Page

8.1.1. 2010-2011 "Possible Vacancies" Content Page

8.1.2. 2010-2011 "Anticipated" Vacancies Content Page

8.2. Employment Services (link)

8.3. Fingerprinting (link)

9. Sub and ParaPro

9.1. Paraprofessional Training Content Page

9.2. ParaPro Training and Certification

9.3. Substitute Teacher Processes Content Page

9.4. Professional Development Redirect (link)


10.1. Transitions Content Page

10.2. Staff